August Zine

If you were around last month, you'll remember the free downloadable July zine, and luckily, here's the next edition. Slowly bid summer farewell with August's little zine, and stay tuned for more and more monthly editions... This downloadable “zine” (i.e. mini magazine) is handmade and completely free to print off and keep as inspiration, or pass … Continue reading August Zine


Elise Tamsin : Dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety can often be both overwhelming and isolating. Although awareness about the illness is growing, the help available is often difficult to obtain and ineffective. Having being diagnosed with both anxiety and depression, dealing with bouts of worry and upset along with panic attacks is common. Yet, across the past couple of years I’ve begun to come to grips with the techniques that help me control my anxiety.

 Recognising anxious tendencies

Ok, so although I was pretty certain I had anxiety before being diagnosed, depression, which often comes hand in hand with the disorder, was a surprise to me. Some people don’t hate themselves all the time? And aren’t crushingly insecure? My main problem tends to be spirals of worrying and anxious thoughts that manifest as self hatred. The first step in realising this is your anxious brain, and not logical and rational thinking, is accepting when people tell…

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July Zine

July has just gone by and I'm starting a new monthly project. In the past couple of months both exams and the beginning of summer have been really time consuming, and this blog has definitely been neglected. However, for new followers and regular readers, a monthly free gift is here! This downloadable "zine" (i.e. mini … Continue reading July Zine

June Mixtape

It's June, so time for a new playlist of summer tunes to get you through revision. In May and June my music gets majorly repetitive because whilst revising I need constant sound. So it calls for a new June playlist of fresh releases from my favourite artists and some classic songs. My playlist constantly evolves so … Continue reading June Mixtape