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10: 18 things i learnt in 18 years

  1. potatoes are most definitely the best food, followed closely by mayonnaise, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise
  2. good shoes are worth the money. those £2 primark plimsolls look good for a moment, but trust me, your feet deserve better
  3. cereal is best eaten while drunk
  4. some people honestly aren’t worth the time or energy
  5. baths are great and smell good and are best enjoyed with a book
  6. some days properly suck, but there’s always another day after, and its worth it to wait
  7. don’t dry shave, its rashy and not worth it – just don’t
  8. wear nice clothes! you feel good and look good and everyone else thinks so too
  9. consume more films and television – even if this is perhaps procrastination
  10. you have to go through the bad friends to get to the good ones, and they are so good
  11. online shopping is equally as fun as it is dangerous, and that’s why it’s great
  12. tidy room tidy mind
  13. music is great and can capture every emotion you could possibly conceive – listen more and make more
  14. purple and green are both great colours, but god, please don’t paint your room purple and green ever again
  15. you should probably exercise, but you can also not, and one of those is easier
  16. treasure club penguin while it lasts 😥
  17. cheesestrings are the one
  18. you’re growing up, but you definitely aren’t growing more boring… there’s more to come


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