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Current journals 

I’ve seen a few blog posts and videos that have really inspired me detailing people’s current journals and planners. Although I’m not great at keeping up a regular journal, bar my One Line A Day book, I have got a few creative journals that really help me to relax and put the things that inspire me down on paper. If you’re interested in this sort of creative journaling, definitely check out my Pinterest here! 


These K&Company Smashbook’s a brilliant when started to do creative journaling. The book itself comes in a few designs – basic, eco, school, etc. – and all have backgrounds you can build off! I found out about Smashbooking from My Green Cow on YouTube (see videos 1, 2, 3), and since 2016 I’ve finished one Smashbook and started a new one. They’re easy to find on Amazon, and really useful to get started journaling in. Collect papers and stickers in a Smashbook too so that everything you save and have attached to memories goes to use.


Film Journal

Yada yada… been there done that. Also available from Amazon, this is the Moleskine Film Journal, which I bought after seeing it on Pinterest. See 1, 2, 3.

Recipe Journal

This is just a small journal, as you may have seen I’m super enthusiastic about baking. It really helps me calm down when I’m stressed or upset, and I’ve been wanting to record all of my recipes for university. This journal is from Paperchase, and I just fell in love with the cover design. Also it comes with sectioned tabs and a plastic wallet for cut out magazine recipes at the end of each section.

Creative journal

Definitely my favourite at the moment, this is what I use my scrap papers, stamps, stickers, calligraphy pens, paints and tape for. I try to keep it relatively flat, unlike my Smashbook, and it’s a mixture of collages and school work and lists. The notebook itself is from Muji and I glue the pages together to make them more sturdy. To be honest, this is probably the most practical because it can be in any book.

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