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July Zine

July has just gone by and I’m starting a new monthly project. In the past couple of months both exams and the beginning of summer have been really time consuming, and this blog has definitely been neglected. However, for new followers and regular readers, a monthly free gift is here! This downloadable “zine” (i.e. mini magazine) is handmade and completely free to print off and keep as inspiration, or pass out as gifts. The size also means they’re perfect for penpal letters. A guide on how to cut and fold your zine is below, and click the photo below to download the free, high quality printable.

folding guide

july zine

^ click on the picture to view a higher quality version, simply copy and paste the URL in the description

Image above: Guide clockwise from top left – page 4, page 3, page 2, page 1, front, back, page 6, page 5

Thanks for reading as always,


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