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Current journals 

I've seen a few blog posts and videos that have really inspired me detailing people's current journals and planners. Although I'm not great at keeping up a regular journal, bar my One Line A Day book, I have got a few creative journals that really help me to relax and put the things that inspire me down… Continue reading Current journals 

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June Mixtape

It's June, so time for a new playlist of summer tunes to get you through revision. In May and June my music gets majorly repetitive because whilst revising I need constant sound. So it calls for a new June playlist of fresh releases from my favourite artists and some classic songs. My playlist constantly evolves so… Continue reading June Mixtape


M29: Weekly favourites

I've promised more regular blogposts so here we go... a new series of weekly favourites will be my Monday post. All of these favourites are a collation of the things that have inspired me the past week, whether it's music I've listened to, or a book I've indulged in. Subscribe to my mailing list if… Continue reading M29: Weekly favourites

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11. film journal [3]

Hey, today I thought I'd post an update on my Moleskine film journal with some new pages! The films I've seen in the past few months have been some of my favourites ever, truly. Yet, here see a mixture of past loves, the DVD's which are staples on my movie shelf, and some of the… Continue reading 11. film journal [3]

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10: 18 things i learnt in 18 years

potatoes are most definitely the best food, followed closely by mayonnaise, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise good shoes are worth the money. those £2 primark plimsolls look good for a moment, but trust me, your feet deserve better cereal is best eaten while drunk some people honestly aren't worth the time or energy baths… Continue reading 10: 18 things i learnt in 18 years

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9. Brownie Recipe

I've been trying to find a good brownie recipe for ages, one that doesn't use 3 boxes of eggs and then stay raw in the middle. However, I've come across this incredible BBC Good-food recipe. These are great as an after school snack with a cup of tea. Enjoy! Ingredients: 185g unsalted butter 185g dark… Continue reading 9. Brownie Recipe

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7. Best picture

Firstly, an apology for missing last week. I've been madly busy with school work, as per usual! However, as the Oscars are tonight, I thought this warranted a film related post. And so, here is a brief post reviewing the three of the Oscar nominated Best Picture films that I've seen this year: Lion, Moonlight and La La… Continue reading 7. Best picture

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5: Podcasts you should be listening to

I'm a huge fan of the podcast app on my iPhone, and I've been trying to broaden my horizons in terms of media I consume. These are a few recommendations for anyone looking for some refreshing new listening. No Such Thing As A Fish  Genre: Factual, Comedy About: If you want to impress (and annoy)… Continue reading 5: Podcasts you should be listening to